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Hannah and The Style Lounge team had requested an overhaul of their WordPress website: fresh design, intuitive eCommerce integration and easy content updates were a requirement that their WP site wasn’t delivering. We agreed on the development of a completely new website and Shopify integration, bringing their business presentation to a whole new level.

The resulting site is super performant and easy to use with the CloudCannon CMS; the inventory is managed through the Shopify app and made available through The Style Lounge shop and Facebook/Instagram channels, allowing Hannah and the team to easily sell online.

The Style Lounge portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

Shopify Integration

A custom Jekyll frontend and integration with Shopify store so Hannah and The Style Lounge team can manage both content and inventory with ease

The Style Lounge portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

Animation Library

Leveraging the Animate On Scroll library, we have added some dynamism to the page through scroll animations.

The Style Lounge portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

Handy Widgets

The Style Lounge wanted to add Instagram feed, Live Chat and Pop-up banners across the site. We've teamed-up with Elfsight for easy and intuitive integration of these widgets.

We have made the right decision to migrate from WordPress to our new, beautiful static Jekyll site and integrated Shopify store. Thanks Gus for your help!

Hannah, owner

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