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As a co-founder of V7 Academy, an online canyoning training course organisation, I was assigned the role to develop the visual identity and web resources for the business. The “V7” in the name represents the hardest, most technical level of an international canyoning rating system, and the website should represent this too. We have worked on a static site with multiple layouts to showcase the courses and levels, and linked the Sign-up/Sign-in actions directly with the LearnWorlds platform. The goal for the website was simple: to take over the canyoning training courses search term and turn V7 Academy into the reference for modern canyoning learning. The V7 Basecamp blog combines the speed of Jekyll static sites with responsive image generation, and with dedicated, optimized content we have achieved high-speed-performance and excellent SEO results: every blog page organically ranks as #1 on Google searches for its keyword/keyphrase searches.

V7 Academy portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

LMS integration

We have integrated the static landing page with LearnWorlds to create an online canyoning school. Visual identity is preserved for better user experience.

V7 Academy portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

SEO performance

The optimised architechture uses spiced-up SEO best-practices coupled with keyword-rich content in the integrated blog results in high rankings on search engine queries for the target keywords within a super short time.

Gus did an amazing job in creating a responsive and beautiful site for our organisation

Panos, Co-founder

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