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The Bogotá team approached me for developing their new website and help represent their new visual identity. Being an agency focused on video animation, illustration and motion graphics, they wanted to add dynamic elements that responded to the user’s scrolling events. With the design provided by the Bogotá team, we have polished the site to feature multiple reactive sections leveraging the GSAP library. This is only the beginning: as a portfolio website for both Bogotá and myself, stay tuned for continuous updates and new features…

Bogotá portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

Responsive design

Speaking of responsive, the site's content and interactions adapt to multiple screen sizes, from extra small devices to large monitors. Go on, resize your screen and see it for yourself!

Bogotá portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

GSAP Animations

What's not to love about Green Sock and their JavaScript animation library? We can accomplish so much with it: scrub animations that react to scroll events, all responsive to multiple screen sizes.

Being a studio specialised in motion graphics, we wanted to add some dynamism to our site. Gus helped us implement the scroll animations just as requested and more importantly, on schedule! We'll be upgrading our site with more features soon, and Gus will be the man to handle that!

Caja, co-founder/owner

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