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When the client approached me to implement these Squarespace animations, I had no doubt that GSAP would be the go-to tool to get the job done. The client wanted to “add some life” to the site, with elements that responded to scroll events. Leveraging GSAP’s ScrollTrigger library, we managed to implement the animations on this Squarespace 7.1 custom site as little as 2 days work.

2One Labs portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

Scroll triggered animations

We got rid of Squarespace's default transitions and animations for the image elements and achieved a much better result by using GSAP's ScrollTrigger library 

2One Labs portfolio website by Gus Schiavon

Animate 3D render

By collaborating with Tiago Bahia, a motion designer from Brazil, we successfully animated a 3D render of the product tin opening and closing. This animation is also mobile-responsive and super smooth!

The job was to work on revamping and animating our site to make it look more professional and creative. Gustavo worked within the hours, did an amazing job at bringing the site to life and did well above-and-beyond what I expected.

Chenille Chang

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