About Gus

The guy that made this site

Gus is a frontend web developer based in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Gus é um desenvolvedor frontend em Santa Catarina, Brasil.

Trust me.

I've been a pizzaiolo. A hostel manager. A canyoning photographer. I've been from Java to Iran, from Ireland to New Zealand, from an 8-day canyon traverse to 48 meters below the sea.

I do things differently, I live life to the fullest, I make it my way. And now it's time for me to support your goals, to develop/boost/renew your business, so you too can make it your way.

Sounds like a plan? I'm here for you. Let's do it.

Want to learn coding? Then check out this online bootcamp by The Institute Of Code: Web Development Digital Bootcamp. That's how I learned and changed my career!